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An Introduction and Mini-concert
Werner John, Instructor

Dates to be announced! Stay tuned!
All ages welcome
Suggested contribution $10  (RSVP is helpful)

The recorder is a classical instrument anyone can learn to play.  Only a small initial investment is necessary to start making beautiful music.  Yet the instrument is appropriate in its various forms and sizes for a wealth of musical styles… from popular folk tunes to delightful Renaissance dances to the beauty of Bach on original instruments.
Werner John has been playing recorders since 1965. In this workshop he’ll be demonstrating the different sized instruments, talking about the recorder’s history in music, and working on a simple tune with audience volunteers (soprano recorders available or bring your own).  Then he’ll play a few pieces to illustrate the wonderful music that can flow from this little flute.

Michael Arnowitt, Instructor
6 Tuesdays February 23rd – March 29th, 2016

$140 tuition for all 6 classes, or drop-in rate of $30 per class **Pre-registration preferred.**
Continuing on the success of his recent concert: Beethoven & Arnowitt VIII , in this class Michael will delve into Beethoven’s final three sonatas and his journey to perform each of them. 2015 marked the end of Michael’s novel study into the psychology of aging and development with a program of Beethoven’s last three piano sonatas op. 109, 110, and 111, universally regarded as among the most spiritual and transcendent music of all time. Written near the end of Beethoven’s life as his health was deteriorating rapidly, these visionary sonatas leave the physical world of the piano’s hammers and strings, taking us on inner journeys to sounds Beethoven could not hear in the external world, but could in his own imagination. This extraordinary music, touching upon themes of gratitude, healing, resurrection, wonder at Nature, and spiritual ecstasy, has moved generations of music-lovers around the world for 200 years. By journeying to his innermost self Beethoven paradoxically found what was universal to all of us, some goodness, some humaneness that we all touch in our better moments.
This class is expected to fill quickly so register early!