Space Rental

Looking for a space for a meeting or rehearsal?

We have rooms of different sizes that are available for rent, both with and without pianos. Rates are listed hourly for residents, as well as per block (block rates reduce with the rental of additional blocks).

Looking for a space to teach a lesson, or to join our resident faculty?

Resident Faculty Rates

HOURLY: $10/month membership fee + $10/hour

Rooms and times to be arranged with office.

FULL DAY: $75/month (2nd full day: $45, 3rd full day: $30, 4th full day: $25)

1 full day of space rental per week (the same day/same room each week). Includes membership fee.

STRAIGHT BLOCK: $65/month (2nd straight block: $40, 3rd straight block: $25, 4th straight block: $20)

4 consecutive hours per week (the same day/time/room each week). Includes membership fee.

FLEXIBLE BLOCK: $80/month (2nd flexible block: $60, 3rd flexible block: $45, 4th flexible block: $40)

4 one-hour units per week (hour units may happen at any time during the week). Includes membership fee.


Non-Resident Faculty

Non-resident faculty pay $25/month to maintain their association with Monteverdi Music School. Non-resident faculty do not teach in Monteverdi space. This fee covers photo/bio/contact info on the Monteverdi website, inclusion in Monteverdi advertising, and inclusion in Monteverdi recitals.


Are you a musician looking for a practice room?VIP-Pass-Image

If you’re a musician looking for a place to practice on a regular basis, we also have a monthly Practice Pass available. $25 a month gives you access to any available room 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.

Contact us for more information!